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Service Policy 

Dear Customers,

As an essential business, we are open and ready to serve your plumbing needs during these difficult Coronavirus times. We care about your well-being, that of your family, and that of our technicians. For this reason, we are taking the following precautions.

Our technicians have been instructed on the following:

  • To be accommodating and understanding of your precautions. 

  • Wash and disinfect their hands as often as possible.

  • Wear hand gloves and shoe covers when they work in your home.  

  • Wear masks at all times.

  • Clean and disinfect their work area upon completion.

  • Keep distance between themselves and you as much as possible.

  • If they are feeling any symptoms at all, to not show up to work.

We ask of you:

  • That if you are feeling symptoms, please inform us so we can take the appropriate measures, and reserve your calls to truly essential and active issues.

  • After the plumbing technician leaves, we encourage you to wait before using the fixture worked on and to  do your own sanitizing of the area worked on.

If you have any specific needs you would like us to accommodate, please let us know and we will do our best. If for example, you want to limit contact during the payment process, you can call our office and make payment over the phone. If you want to limit communication with the technician to the phone, while you wait in another part of the
house—that’s OK too. Let the dispatcher know of these specific instructions upon placing your request.

Thank you and stay safe!

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