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It’s no coincidence that some of the most reputable HOAs and property management companies in the LA area are choosing to work with R&R Plumbing Services. Here are some of the benefits of making us a preferred vendor: 


Unlike others, we are open to Net 30. Most of our HOA and property management clients qualify for Net 30 billing.



As we become more and more familiar with your building, we will be able to more efficiently identify and solve issues. By being familiar with past repairs we’ve made to the building, we are able to better attend future ones.  


If we are not already at your building attending another call, this means we will go out of our way to make sure we are there when you or your residents need us.


Have questions, concerns, or curiosities that may not necessarily turn into a job for us—no worries. As your preferred vendor, you can count on us for free, over-the-phone consulting.



Stop wondering what you’re being charged for. Our invoices come with detailed descriptions and pictures, either for your clarity or for your records.  

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