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Q&A with Rafael: Roots in your Sewer

Q. Roots in my sewer line, how?

A. Roots are naturally attracted to the water and other stuff in your sewer line. To them, this is food. And when cracks or joints in your sewer line give roots a sniff of what’s inside, they want in! They take these small openings to get inside and feast!

Q. What happens when they get inside?

A. They will keep feeding, growing, and getting fatter until, best case scenario, they slow or clog your sewer line. In the worst case scenario, if left unattended, they will grow, putting pressure at their point of entry until they rupture the sewer pipe—a very expensive fix, up to and over $10,000.

Q. How can I avoid a costly, expensive sewer rupture?

A. ONE, don't wait. If your line is over 10 years old, and especially if it’s of clay and trees surround it, start with a sewer camera inspection, about $180. TWO, if the inspection reveals minor root intrusion, hydro-jetting and regular pipe routing would be recommended. THREE, if the inspection reveals heavy root intrusion, or if you wish to opt for a more permanent solution than hydro-jetting, trenchless pipe lining would be recommended. This involves, essentially, creating a new, thin-layered pipe inside your semi-functioning line—no need to dig and replace.

These steps are alternatives to waiting for the pipe to rupture. Once ruptured, there is only one step, pay $10,000 plus.

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