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Rafael, should I hydro-jet or snake my main drain, which is better?

On the left, the snake could clear through, while still leaving all this stuff behind. On the right is what is possible with a hydro-jetter.

Hydro-jetting is better—sometimes.

Hydro-jetting is by far the most effective way to fully clean and clear your drain line. Hydro-jetting uses high pressured water to clean the line of any debris, build up, roots—pretty much everything. The pressured water hits the full space of the pipe, clearing everything in sight. Hydro-jetting machines are very powerful things. Sometimes too powerful.

Some pipes, due to age or lack of maintenance, simply can’t handle the power of a jetter. A good plumber should first inspect the line to make sure it can handle the pressure. If it can’t, then snaking might be the only option.

Historically, the snake has proven a top-contender. It works. One drawback, though, is that the snake will only clear enough in the pipe to get by. While it might squeeze through the length of a clogged pipe, it might only make a one inch hole in a five inch clog. But when the alternative is replacing the drain line, the snake makes for an inexpensive temporary solution.

Snaking can also be the tool of first resort when approaching a clog. Sometimes the clog is not too bad and the snake can solve it. If it can, great, because snaking is a lot less expensive than hydro-jetting.

So which is better? Sometimes the hydro-jetter, sometimes the snake. They are different tools for different jobs. Your plumber—hopefully R&R Plumbing Services—can help you determine which is more appropriate.

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