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Rafael, how can I prevent clogs?

Q. Rafael, how can I prevent clogs?

A. Like a dietitian might say: watch what you put in your pipes!

For starters, keep your pipes free of grease. While that hot, fish-tainted grease in your frying pan might seem liquidy enough to drain down the sink, it’s not! Cooled down, and mixed with other drainage stuff in your pipes, grease can become quite solid. And just like a clogged artery, you’re drains will stop working.

Also, don’t put food scraps down your kitchen drains. Don’t let hair near your bathroom drains. Nothing other than sewage and toilet paper should be going in your toilets. So no dental floss down the toilet. Definitely, please, no dental floss down the toilet. Take extra precaution by placing strainers over your sink, bath, and shower drains. And finally, take it easy on the garbage disposal. Although it might be tempting to just feed all your kitchen mess into the garbage disposal, don’t! For further reading, here is a list of 8 Things You Should NEVER Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

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